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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Kubica: There is no planned test, Superlicence won`t be a problem

Robert Kubica took part in live chat, organised by Olimp Sport Nutrition on their Facebook account. Pole answered to many questions from fans but some of them were especially interesting.

On Superlicence

"Rules are simple and I don`t think that I will have any problems to get it".

On tests with Renault

"I`ve read that I have scheduled test on Ricardo Torno but it`s not true - I don`t have it".

80% - 90%

"Saying that I meant my abilities to comeback to F1 and not my chances to comeback to F1".

On rallies

"For now it`s closed stage for me".

Pole revealed also, that he drives twice a week in racing simulator and that he spent a day in Renault F1 simulator where he drove in current spec. Pole and team were satisfied with his results.

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