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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Kubica: I do not conceal at this point, I want to go all the way down

Robert Kubica was a guest of Sky Sports F1 Italy during third free practice before Canadian Grand Prix. Pole shared his emotions after test in Formula One car and declared, thath he feels Formula One driver.

"They asked me how I was after the test I was very surprised at how I reacted and how he reacted to my body I struggled normally as after a winter break I made almost 30 laps in a long run So it's a beautiful sensation"

Kubica, how did you get to the test? - "I have a particular character and it is my big limit to never knock on the door, I would never have proposed for a test, I think I have to have patience and education in life, I've been training for many years in Bmw, and few They remember, fortunately in F1 there is a Renault made of people who love me well. A great job that year and thanks to those memories we came to the test. After the first run I had the impression of having just driven a F1 , I felt right at home. And somebody even asked me if I had done any other hidden tests. "

"I like the interest of everyone, maybe more for the story that unfortunately or fortunately or lived in recent years, but with so much sacrifice I told myself I wanted to try a F1. It was a wonderful thing and a major milestone I do not conceal at this point, having had good physical and mental feelings, I want to go all the way down, I do not know what's going to happen in the coming months, but we'll see. A person who worked with me at Test said 'you are a F1 pilot', and that explains everything and is very good for me. "

"Beautiful sensations inside, I know that despite my limitations I can do what I did 6 years ago, I have worked hard for this opportunity, I have trained and I have never been so much. I know, I can only work to have other satisfactions "

"Renault's approach was a great surprise, marketing, not because they kept the secret test as much as possible." I know only that I did not expect it and today I can drive a F1 car. "

"I do not hide the fact that now I sleep more serene. Nice feeling to know to be able to do so. beyond 6 years past, I have done many paths. I have said many 'no' for also offers beautiful. Perhaps I passed by arrogant, but for me the nice thing was only Formula 1. The Rally was neither a whim nor a vent. Made me grow. I matured even after what has happened to me. All this can make a different pilot. I do not say better but different".

"My limit is the right arm and for the sake of convenience using the thumbwheels on the left arm".

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