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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Kubica in Marseille - after another surgery?

Robert Kubica was one of the fans who watched EURO 2016 quarterfinal match between Poland and Portugal. Pole, who drove to Marseille in his Nissan GTR, had bandage on his right elbow.

For now Kubica hasn't got any starts programme and we haven't had any news from him for a few weeks. Now he attended the EURO 2016 match. He spoke with Portuguese and Polish TV.

In interview for, Kubica said that he wanted to take a break from daily activities and during penalty shootouts he was even more nervous than during his start. Poland lost in penalties 3-5.

On Kubica`s right elbow there was a bandage which may suggest, that there was another surgery on this part of Pole`s right arm. Too small rotation in it is the main reason of Kubica being unable to drive F1 car on every circuit in the world.

Earlier this year Kubica stated in interview with Cezary Gutowski, that he may take a break from official starts in next few months but if everything goes OK, "something good will happen".

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