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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Kubica: I`m not coming back to rallies

Robert Kubica will start this weekend in local Italian rally but he is not coming back to rallies.

"This weekend we plan to compete in Rally Coppa Città di Lucca, regional rally in Tuscany. I will drive Clio S1600. We've been working for several months on the gear selection system, to adjust it to a Clio. Why this car? It's like going back to good old times. It's been 3 or 4 years since I drove it last time in a rally. This time it will be more kind of a testing run, because I used this system for a first time only yesterday, on a racing circuit. We plan to do some testing on Friday morning and then - if we'll get a permission from the Italian federation - we will participate in the rally with Maciek. I would like to ask you to not read between the lines. I am not coming back to rallying, I do not plan on regular starts in a front wheel drive car and I will not participate in WRC3. It's more of a joyride with a good company" - wrote Kubica.

Pole will drive with Maciej Szczepaniak.

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