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Monday, September 29, 2014

Robert Kubica in Rally of France - introduction

Emotions grow! Only a few days left to the start of the Rally of France - the next asphalt round of the WRC. The rate of first-class cars will be numerous, but we hope for a great performance of Robert Kubica and Maciej Szczepaniak. Below you will find the full preview of the rally with videos, schedule, live broadcasts and statements.

Awaits us next week of emotions with Robert Kubica!

Robert before Rally

The testing

Robert and Maciej tested last week for a two days, doing more than 700 km of test. It's much more than the distance of the rally. We hope that this experience will result during the rally. Below you'll see a video from the tests, more materials of Poles you can see here.

How was it last year?

Rally of France 2013 for Robert Kubica and Maciej Baran seemed to be very easy. The Poles had more than four minutes advantage at the finish line, at WRC2 Elfyn Evans, winning most of SSs. Robert and Maciej drove flawlessly, making a great impression.

Experience of Maciej

Rally of France takes place in Alsace since 2010. During this time, Maciej Szczepaniak competed in it only once - in 2010, driving with Michal Kosciuszko, Szczepaniak finished 14th in the WRC (Skoda Fabia).

What awaits drivers?

Rally of France is the shortest round of WRC, counting only 303 km. The rally  base is in Strasbourg, located about 200 km from the base of the Rally in Germany. Here we also meet stages in the vineyards, but they are wider than those in Germany.

In France, there is always a high risk of rain, which makes the competition even more exciting. Significantly increases the role of the spying crews, and therefore before the Robert’s spying crew is important task.

Speed within the mountain passages of rally comes up to 200 km per hour. Importantly, half of the route is the same as the year before, thanks to that it should be a little bit easier for Robert.

A foretaste of what awaits drivers you can see on film from last year:


Rally France is three days of competition. Friday and Saturday count 7 SSs, and they will be ended with a short trial – a super special stage. The shortest of the "normal" SSs will count 9,6 km and the longest 34,3 km.

Thursday, October 2nd
08:00 Shakedown (Strasbourg Parc des Sportes)

Friday, October 3rd
08:44 - SS 1 Col de la Charbonniere 1 (11.11 km)
09:35 - SS 2 Vosges - Pays d'Ormont 1 (34.34 km)
10:24 - SS 3 Pays de Salm 1 (9.59 km)
12:19 - Service A
14:03 - SS 4 Col de la Charbonniere 2 (11.11 km)
14:54 - SS 5 Vosges - Pays d'Ormont 2 (34.34 km)
15:43 - SS 6 Pays de Salm 2 (9.59 km)
20:00 - Super Special Stage 7 Strasbourg (4.67 km)
20:40 - Service B

Saturday, October 4th
06:30 - Service C
08:30 - SS 8 Vallee de Munster 1 (18.90 km)
09:12 - SS 9 Soultzeren - Le Grans Hohnack 1 (19.93 km)
09:46 - SS 10 Pays Welche - Requewihr 1 (21.49 km)
11:30 - Service D
12:28 - SS 11 Vallee de Munster 2 (18.90 km)
13:10 - SS 12 Soultzeren - Le Grans Hohnack 2 (19.93 km)
13:44 - SS 13 Pays Welche - Requewihr 2 (21.49 km)
18:00 - Super Special Stage 14 Mulhouse (4.86 km)
20:20 - Service E

Sunday, October 5
06:05 - Service F
07:30 - SS 15 Foret de la Petite Pierre 1 (12.33 km)
08:18 - SS 16 Foret de Saverne 1 (19.36 km)
10:34 - SS 15 Foret de la Petite Pierre 2 (12.33 km)
12:00 - SS 16 Foret de Saverne 2 (19.36 km) - Power Stage
13:03 - Service G

What's on TV?

At least 3 SSs of Rally of France we will be able to watch live - through the WRC Plus and streams, to which links appear on the blog on the day of the rally. Here is the schedule of television coverage of the rally:

Thursday, October 2nd

Friday, October 3rd
20:00 - LIVE SS 7 – BT Sport 2

Saturday, October 4
08:00 - Summary of day 1 - BT Sport 2
12:30 - LIVE SS 11 – BT Sport 2
17:30 - Summary of day 2

Sunday October 5
12:00 - LIVE SS 18 – BT Sport 2

22:25 - Summary of day 3


Weather - according to weekly forecasts - can disturb drivers twice - during Tuesday's recce and Sunday's SSs. Beside that, these days should be dry and warm.


Last year, in the rally started 88 teams, now there will be 9 more. At the start of the rally will appear  the WRC top drivers together with Robert Kubica and Maciej Szczepaniak. In total, in the strongest class will compete 16 cars. It will be return of Martin Prokop and Brian Bouffier, Dennis Kuipers and Julien Maurin will compete too.

Poland will also represent the crews: Jaroslaw Koltun / Ireneusz Pleskot and Aron Domzal / Szymon Gospodarczyk. Among the 97 entries there are 54 French and Romain Dumas and Francois Delecour who will drive a Porsche 997 will be curiosity of the rally.

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