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Monday, June 2, 2014

Robert Kubica in Rally Italia de Sardegna - introduction

fot. Gianluca Sanna
A year ago, just exactly in the Rally of Sardinia, Robert Kubica earning 2 points for the WRC classification, became one of the three people in the history who scored both in the WRC and in F1 . Will he now become the second , who has a won a podium and here and here ? Last year, the Pole dominated the competition in WRC2 . How will it be now ? See what awaits us in the Rally of Sardinia.

About the rally

Rally of Italy takes place in Sardinia since 2004 , the event itself has a history dating back to 1928. On this picturesque island drovers will face fast but narrow roads, with a bit of stones. There are also many trees on the roadsides.

Important as in any gravel rally, will be the startup sequence. If it is dry, then going after a slower driver, you will stuck in his dust. Robert had this problem a year ago.

Video from last year's edition :

Kubica before the rally:

During my days in karting I spent quite a lot of time in Italy, so in Sardinia – as well as in Poland – I should have more fans than usual. Like all of the gravel events in the WRC, this is a difficult rally so in that respect my approach won’t be too different from the previous outing in Argentina.

“Of course Sardinia is a rally that I got to know a bit in WRC2 last year, but my goal will stay the same. I will just try to maximise my chances of finishing the rally, which means minimising any mistakes.

“All of the stages are very technical and the surface is sandy so it is quite slippery out there. All of the stages are fast – very fast in places – but it is also extremely narrow so you have to drive very precisely and try to get as much speed through the corner while keeping the line. There really is no margin for error in Sardinia
” - told Kubica for

How was it last year?

Robert Kubica completely dominated the competition in Sardinia. Above the second in the WRC2 class Abdulaziz Al- Kuwarim, he had 4 minutes and 17 seconds. Robert and Maciej Baran won 14 out of the 16 SS’s and scored 2 points for the WRC2 .

fot. Colin Clark

What awaits us this year?
For drivers in the Rally Sardinia are waiting 17 special stages with a total length of nearly 372 km . We begin with Super Special Stage on Thursday at  21:08. On Friday, we will have 8 quite short stages. It will be interesting on Saturday, when there will be played only 4 SS’s but very long - 19 km and 59 km long. On Sunday we face 4 SS’s  counting several kilometers.

Here is a detailed schedule :

Thursday, June 5th

21:08 - SS1 Citta di Cagliari (1.30 miles)

Friday, June 6th

09:00 - Alghero service
11:35 - SS2 Terranova Nord ( 20.00 km )
12:13 - SS3 Terranova Sud ( 12.40 km )
13:08 - SS4 Coiluna - Crastazza ( 20.29 km )
13:44 - SS5 Loelle ( 27.30 km )
14:49 - Budduso service
15:57 - SS6 Terranova Nord 2 ( 20.00 km )
16:35 - SS7 Terranova Sud 2 ( 12.40 km )
17:30 - SS8 Coiluna - Crastazza 2 ( 20.29 km )
18:06 - SS9 Loelle 2 ( 27.30 km )
21:00 - Service Alghero

Saturday, June 7th

6:48 - Service Alghero
9:18 - SS10 Monte Olia ( 19.27 km )
10:23 - SS11 Monte Lerno ( 59.13 km )
13:54 - Service Alghero
16:54 - SS12 Monte Olia 2 ( 19.27 km )
17:59 - AG13 Monte Lerno 2 ( 59.13 km )
21:10 - Service Alghero

Sunday, June 8th

6:48 - Service Alghero
7:38 - SS14 Cala Flumini ( 12.49 km )
9:27 - SS15 Castelsardo ( 14.00 km )
10:08 - SS16 Tergu - Osilo 2 ( 14.88 km )
12:08 - SS17 Cala Flumini 2 (Power Stage ) ( 12.49 km )
13:45 Service Alghero - Podium





This time the weather should not disturb the drivers - from Thursday the sky will be clear and temperatures will range from 22 to 26 degrees Celsius.


On the list of applications there are 15 WRC cars , including the Fiesta of Robert Kubica and Maciej Szczepaniak. Poles will start with number 10. Presenting great pace, though marred with failures Dani Sordo gives way to Juho Hänninen in the second Hyundai i20 WRC. In the third such car will go Hayden Paddon, with whom Robert competed last year in WRC2. Good performance can be expected again from Henning Solberg (Fiesta WRC). Also return to competing Khalid Al- Qassimi (Citroen DS3 WRC) and Jaroslav Melichárek (Fiesta WRC).

In WRC2 for the first time we will be able to see other cars of R5 class than the Fiesta. Sebastien Chardonnet will drive for the first time on the rally stages the Citroen DS3 World Cup R5, and the Peugeot 208 T16 announced Karl Kruuda .

In addition to Kubica and Szczepaniak, Poland will be represented by Hubert Ptaszek with Kamil Kozdron in a Ford Fiesta R2. The list has a total of 56 crews.

Full list you will find here. is on facebook! Like it and be well informed! 

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