Robert Kubica - the best Polish driver

Friday, December 6, 2013

Kubica in Volkswagen sponsored by Red Bull

There are some rumours that Robert Kubica will drive Volkswagen sponsored by Red Bull in next WRC season. Is it can be true?

There is not known how many starts will have Kubica but there are also some roumors that Pole will start in Janner Rally in Ford Fiesta 5R.

Kubica`s birthday

Tomorrow in Robert Kubica`s 29th birthday and we want to show how many supporters he has. Join us with Twitter and Facebook hashtag action - on 10:00 CET and 19:00 CET we will wrote #happyBirthdayKubica

Page is on facebook! Like it and be well informed! 

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  1. Former F1 driver Robert Kubica should do well in WRC in 2014 if he moves up to the top WRC1 level. Richard Lorinyenko