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Friday, December 6, 2013

Robert Kubica will take part in another rally

Robert Kubica will drive Ronde Citta dei Mille this weekend in Italy. Pole will drive Peugeot 207 S2000 and his co-driver will be Jakub Gerber. With him Kubica had accident in 2011. Below you will find all info about this start.

Comparing to prevorious Kubica`s rallies it will be rather an small meeting with a big number of entrants. On the startlist we have 122 crews. However interesting is that Kubica`s co-driver will be Gerber who might be one of candidates to drive with Robert in next season.

About car, co-driver and prevorius rally

Kubica has 90th start number in Peugeot 2007 S2000 and it will be his first appearance in this car in which he will probably use gear shift paddle.

Last time Kubica drove with Jakub Gerber year ago in Rally San Martino di Castrozza and they didn`t finish this rally due to accident. Overall they participated together in 12 rallies and only in last two they had an accidents.

It wont be first Kubica`s start in this rally. He drove in Ronde Citta dei Mille in 2009 with Michał Kuśnierz and they didn`t finish due to angine failure.:

About the rally

It will be 9th edition of this rally and crews will drive short SS Selvinio four times. Road is very twisty and you can see it below:

And an onboard from last year:

and maps:


Shakedown will start in Saturday and in Sunday drivers will start 1st SS:

Sunday, December 1st (local times):
7:55 - SS 1 - Selvino (4,64 km)
- SS 1 - Selvino (4,64 km)
14:14 - SS 1 - Selvino (4,64 km)
17:16 - SS 1 - Selvino (4,64 km)


There will be a lot of N-class and R-class cars in Ronde Citta dei Mille but there is no more famous names in rally.

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