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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ferrari wanted Kubica

Stefano Domenicali, Ferrari's boss, said, that his team was keeping eye on Robert Kubica during recovery of Polish driver. According to Domenicali words, Kubica`s return to F1 can be impossible.

Today two Ferrari fans met with Domenicali in Maranello and asked him a few questions about company work, racing and Ferrari drivers. There was also question about Robert Kubica: “Was there really the intention to take on Kubica and will he be back in F1?”

Domenicali answered: “Yes, we were keeping an eye on him. Unfortunately, I don’t think he will be back, because with his physical problem, he would struggle in certain limited situations which require reactivity. It’s a shame" - said Italian.

Kubica was linked with Ferrari and if not rally accident in 2011, he would be now Ferrari's driver in F1. Pole is continuing his motorsport career in rallies where his limitations allow him to driver very fast. In this week`s Rally of Spain he can secure WRC2 title.

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