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Monday, August 5, 2013

Great succes in Rally of Finland

Behind us is another great performance of Robert Kubica and Maciej Baran in the World Rally Championship - the Rally of  Finland. Polish debut in the Rally of Finland won second place in WRC2 in class, getting also points in the WRC. What's more they beat up Polish record of performance in that event. But most import_ant, however, was  the experience they gained.


Robert Kubica said that if  before the rally someone gave him a second place he would take it blindfold Pole drew attention to the enormous role of the experience needed on the Finnish roads.

"Jari Ketomaa told me that he was passing some sections up to 15 times in the Championship of Finland so it was difficult to compete with him. I did not expect that I would be second in front of so many experienced drivers, but we find an appropriate level of aggressive driving. Taking into account the fact that my first gravel surface was in April, you can see that we're making progress and moving in the right direction. Still there is a lot of work waiting for us, because every rally is different and will have different experiences "- said Robert after rally for

And once again all the recordings of journeys Robert:

The great Polish crew was  noticed by everyone, and everyone was impressed with reasonable driving of  Pole. That gave him a promotion to the third place overall in WRC2. In overall WRC2 standings counts 6 of the first seven races of each driver. Before Robert there are three rallies, all of which we hope will be counted and therefore Rally of Portugal in which Robert scored 8 points will fall off.

Although Kubica  says he does not pay attention to the title and the most import_ant thing for him is experience, the Citroen  speaks loud about considerable opportunities of Pole to win the championship in his debut season. Kubica loss is not large, and yet he has one performance  less than Al-Kuwari and two less than Fuchs.

Here's a glance at the general classification:

Robert grabbing 9th place in Finland achieved the best result in the history of Polish competing in the event. The classification of the WRC has replied to his account the next two points and the total is already the fourth. Here is the classification:

The next rally for Kubica and Baran will be Rally of Germany, which will take place in less than three weeks. This will be the first asphalt rally of Polish crew in WRC and even though Robert is an expert on that surface, he says it won’t be easier as the asphalt isn’t as forgiving as gravel.

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  1. Go, Robert! If he wins the WRC2 Class in his debut would be awesome!

  2. Great win in Germany! Now he's in the lead in the series :D:D