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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Robert Kubica in Rally of Finland

It will be a very interesting week, not only for Robert Kubica but also for his fans - we start the thrill with Rally of Finland, one of the most interesting events in the racing calendar. See what awaits us in the coming days and what is the schedule of SS’s and television coverage of the race.

Robert Kubica is already after a series of tests in Finland, and the videos and photos, with very interesting statements of Pole you can see HERE.

As pointed out by the driver, Rally of Finland will be a very difficult challenge, and overcome local drivers will be almost impossible. Robert, however, has repeatedly proven to us that for him nothing is impossible and because of that we believe it will be another great start.

Let’s recall that Kubica won the two previous events in WRC2 class and moved up to fourth place overall in the series. These are the current standings:

As usual, on the blog there are links to live timing and radio rally. And now presentation of  the rally:

The rally

Drivers will begin competition on Wednesday, when there will be a shakedown and qualifying section. This will affect only drivers of WRC class, and Robert Kubica will not be involved in it. Previously - on Monday and Tuesday, the drivers will familiarize themselves with the route.

Racing will start for on Thursday, when there will take place 6 SS’s. The first SS will begin just after 11to’clock and the day will end at approx. 21 in the evening.

Friday will be the most intensive day of the rally – there will take place 9 SS’s from 8:48 till 21. On Saturday there will be 8 SS’s and the winners will be chosen.

In total, through the entire rally the competitors will travel 334.21 km of special stages.

Here is the official program of the competition in Finland:

Wednesday, July 31st:
 15:00 - Shakedown (4.62 km)
 18:00 - Qualifying (4.62 km)
 18:45 - Shakedown (4.62 km)

 Thursday, August 1st:
 11:15 - SS 1 - Himos 1 (4.45 km)
 12:40 - SS 2 - Torittu 1 (8.3 miles)
 14:18 - SS 3 - Koukunmaa, (13.68 km)
 16:34 - SS 4 - Torittu 2 (8.30 km)
 18:00 - SS 5 - Himos 2 (10, 20 km)
 19:30 - SS 6 - Killeri 1 (2.06 km)

 Friday, August 2nd:
 8:48 - SS 7 - Jukojärvi 1 (21.90 km)
 9:56 - SS 8 - Palsankylä 1 (13.92 km)
 10:41 - SS 9 - Mökkiperä 1 (13.74 km)
 11:44 - SS 10 - Lankamaa 1 (23.66 km)
 13:03 - Service
 14:36 - SS 11 - Jukojärvi 2 (21.90 km)
 15:44 - SS 12 - Palsankylä 2 (13.92 km)
 16:29 - SS 13 - Mökkiperä 2 (13.74 km)
 17:32 - SS 14 - Lankamaa 2 (23.66 km)
 19:30 - SS 15 - Killeri 2 (2.06 km)

 Saturday, August 3rd:
 7:26 - SS 16 - Surkee 1 (14.95 km)
 8:24 - SS 17 - Leustu 1 (9.65 km)
 9:32 - SS 18 - Ouninpohja 1 (33.01 km)
 10:50 - SS 19 - Painaa 1 (7.49 km)
 11:53 - Service
 13:04 - SS 20 - Surkee 2 (14.95 km)
 14:02 - SS 21 - Leustu 2 (9.65 km)
 15:10 - SS 22 - Ouninpohja 2 (33.01 km)
 16:40 - SS 23 - Painaa 2 [Power Stage] (7.49 km)

 What's on TV?

Unfortunately, as usually there won’t be a lot of WRC on TV. Again, will not disappoint us the TVP, which will broadcast a daily summary of the day. After the rally we will be able to see the reports on TV4 and TV6.

 Thursday, August 1st:
 20:05 - Chronicle of the Rally of Finland - TVP 1

 Friday, August 2nd:
 20:10 - Chronicle of the Rally of Finland - TVP 1

 Saturday, August 3rd
 20:05 - Chronicle of the Rally of Finland - TVP 1

Sunday, August 4th:
 20:05 - Chronicle of the Rally of Finland - TVP 1

Monday, August 5th:
 20:00 - Summary of the Rally of Finland - TV 6

Tuesday, August 6th:
 0:50 - Summary of the Rally of Finland - TV 4

 Tuesday, August 6th:
 8:05 - Summary of the Rally of Finland - TV 6

 August 7th:
 19:40 - Summary of Rally of Finland - TVP Sport

 August 9th:
 10:05 - Summary Rally of Finland - TVP Sport

 August 10:
 23:30 - Summary of Rally of Finland - TVP Sport

 August 11:

 2:30 - Summary of Rally of Finland - TVP Sport

Rally route

Rally of Finland is a very difficult event on the gravel surface, with big jumps and very fast SS’s. That can be shown on the videos of previous years:

Robert also said about that in an interview with Colin Clark:
 "It will be a very interesting challenge. Routes of Rally of Finland are amazing and very challenging, especially for me  who will start here for the first time. There are a lot of jumps, bends at the top of the hills, high-speed corners. This will be another good lesson for me and I am looking forward to it. This is one of the best rounds of the calendar, but it will be difficult, because I have no experience on such roads. Fortunately, there are a lot of movies with from previous years. I did my best to prepare for the rally with the help of notes. However, the experience of drivers who have been here five or six times is more import_ant. Then you know a lot more. "

 Here you can see a map of all SS’s:

 You can see the route of the rally also HERE on Google maps.


 On the race start list is nearly 150 crews, including of course Robert Kubica. In WRC2 class there will be 19 crews, including very dangerous local drivers as Esapeka Lapland and Jari Ketomaa and very fast Elfyn Evans and Hayden Paddon.

 In Finland, there won’t be Abdullaziza Al Kuwari and Nicolas Fuchs, and Yuriy Protasov will not be counted in the standings. Here is a partial list of applications:
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  1. thanks for info, now it looks, that Robert is much more constant and he adopted rally driving style.

  2. Fantastic drive again by Kubica, he's heading for the lead in the standings fast. Thanks for this again!