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Monday, June 3, 2013

Kubica won Acropolis Rally in WRC2!

The great success of Robert Kubica in the Acropolis Rally, considered to be one of the hardest WRC rally events. Pole won the competition in the class WRC2 and also achieved 11 place throughout the event. Below you can find many photos from rally.

Robert led the WRC2 since the beginning of the rally. He won first nine special stages, and when the advantage was already well over two minutes, he began to drive peacefully, controlling the pace.

Kubica did not win any of sections 10-14, and his sole purpose was to avoid trouble on the road, what, as he admitted, was not easy. Pole lost a few seconds on each section, but without the problems his earlier advantage was enough to win in the WRC2 class. Over the second Yuri Protasow Kubica gained almost 90 seconds.

You can see that if Robert does not have any technical problems and do not charges, he is easily able to win against other drivers.

Now before the Pole there are three weeks of break, and then he starts in the Rally of Sardinia, also in the WRC.

“For sure, it has been a very, very difficult weekend. I think Acropolis is an extremely tough rally, especially for someone like me who has twenty years’ experience of racing on a circuit! It’s the total opposite of what I have been used to. There are many things for me to learn still, but it has been a great learning experience and a very productive weekend. Even when driving slowly today, it is still easy to make a mistake when you’re tackling stages for the first time, especially in tough conditions like those here. I’m now looking forward to Rally Sardegna, where I can put what I have learned this weekend to good use” - said Kubica.

“Robert had already shown, on gravel and on tarmac, that he has genuine pace, but he still needed to learn about discipline. He had a great race here, including the final leg when he managed his lead. I have the feeling that this may something of a turning point for him. It certainly augurs well in terms of our shared objective, which is to win the WRC2 title" - added Yves Matton, Kubica`s boss.

Here are the official results of the Acropolis Rally:
1. J. M. Latvala / M. Antilla
2. D. Sordo / C. Del Barrio +1:50.00
3. T. Neuville / N. Gilsoul +2:14.10
4. A. Mikkelsen / M. Markkula +3:55.10
5. N. Al Attiyah / G Bernacchini +4:12.6
11. Robert Kubica / Maciej Baran +15:19.10


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  1. Now were talking! Kubi is finally back in his winning ways. :)