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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Robert Kubica in Rally de Corse

It will be this week - another racing thrill with Robert Kubica and his performance in the Rally of Corsica. It's another round of the ERC  cycle organized by Eurosport and that is the channel where we will watch live another Kubica’s SS’s. Here is all you need to know about the event.

We look forward to the first rally of the season in which Robert Kubica will not have technical problems or adventures on the road. Previous events have given the Pole a school of rally difficulties. We hope that it will be different in Corsica.

Last days were full of interesting information related to Robert - above all, his collaboration with Mercedes. This information is very good, but I warn you against too big optimism and statements like "now Robert sets the car for Rosberg and Hamilton" :)

Also Sebastien Loeb spoke recently about Robert, he stated quite obvious thing that the achievements of Robert Kubica in the races can be much greater than the achievements of Kimi Raikkonen. Of course if Robert decides to stay in the rallies.

In the Rally of Corsica there are waiting for Robert more than 248 km of special stages and more than 681 km DOJAZDÓWEK. There will be 11 long special stages, counting from 15 to 27 km.

From tomorrow, drivers will be able to familiarize with the routes of the race, and the good news for them is that the weather in the south from France is very good and it should be well over the weekend.

Drivers will familiarize with the route seven times on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday there will be a press conference and official launch. For real, competition starts on Friday, 8 o’clock.

The rally schedule

Here is the official program of the competition in Corsica:

Friday, May 17:

8:23 - SS 1: Le Fangu - ND de la Serra (27.53 km)
11:06 - OS 2 Erbajolo - Pont d'Altiani 1 (24.57 km) (LIVE Eurosport)
12:45 - Services
14:18 - OS 3: Barchetta - La Porta 1 (23.24 km)
15:21 - OS 4: Taverna - Pont de Castirla (15.28 km)
16:37 - Service
18:01 - OS 5: Barchetta - La Porta 2 (23.24 km)
20:06 - OS 6 Erbajolo - Pont d'Altiani 2 (24.57 km) (LIVE Eurosport)

Saturday, May 18:
10:48 - OS 7: Carbuccia - Tavera 1 (16.89 km)
12:06 - OS 8: Sarrola - Liamone 1 (26.7 km) (LIVE Eurosport)
13:37 - OS 9: Marato - Acqua Doria (22.47 km)
15:37 - Service
16:40 - OS 10 Carbuccia - Tavera 2 (16.89 km)
18:06 - OS 11 Sarrola - Liamone 2 (26.7 km) (LIVE Eurosport)

HERE you'll see "flight" over the route with Google Earth

What's on TV?

Once again, I have for a very good news you - once again we will be able to see Robert Kubica live. Eurosport TV will again broadcast 4 SS live. Here is what you can watch on TV:

Friday, May 17:
11:00 - Eurosport SS 2 Erbajolo - Pont d'Altiani 1
20:00 - Eurosport - SS 6 Erbajolo - Pont d'Altiani 2

Saturday, May 18:
12:00 - Eurosport: SS 8: Sarrola - Liamone 1
18:00 - Eurosport: SS 11: Sarrola - Liamone 2

Traditionally, there will be available rally radio, and we will keep our eye
on of everything what happens on Corsica and inform you on the blog.


Again, the most dangerous rival for Robert will be Jan Kopecki, who won two previous events ERC, in which started Kubica. Fierce will be also Craig Breen
and representatives of the hosts - Francois Delecour, Brian Bouffier and Jeremy Ancian.

However, Robert is one of the strong favorites for the race, especially as it takes place on the asphalt surface.

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