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Monday, March 18, 2013

Robert Kubica in Rally Islas Canarias [update Tuesday]

In a few days Robert Kubica will start the Rally Islas Canarias - one of the ERC series rounds. The Pole has already tested his car and we have photos from those tests. Below you will find all the info about the Rally with maps and videos.

The Pole with his new co-driver, Maciej Baran, will drive a Citroen DS3 RRC in Lotos colours. Photos from Robert's test:

Rally scheudle

Theoreticly, the Rally Islas Canarias will start on Thursday 21 March but drivers and teams are already preparing for this ERC round. Today they will get a Reconnaissances documentation. Tomorrow between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. they will use it on the rally route during official reconnaissance. The second part of it will take place on Wednesday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Also on Wednesday drivers will meet with fans.

On Thursday drivers will have an opportunity to drive faster on Shakedown (between 9:30 a.m. and 12). Later that day drivers will meet with journalists in a press conference. After that they will participate in a Ceremonial Start.

The First Leg of the Rally Islas Canarias will start on Friday (8 SS - 144,82 km):

7:45 - SS 1: Moya - Disa 1 (13,67 km)

8:21 - SS 2: Antenara - Festina 1 (21,18 km)

9:09 - SS 3: Tejeda 1 (14,31 km)

12:14 - SS 4: Moya - Disa 2 (13,57 km)

12:50 - SS 5: Artenara - Festina 2 (21,18 km)

13:35 - SS 6: Tejeda 2 (14,31 km)

17:23 - SS 7: Agumes (25,82 km)

18:29 - SS 8: Ingenio (20,88 km)

Second Leg will start at 9 a.m. in Saturday 23 March (6 SS - 101,52 km):

10:25 - SS 9: Maspalomas - Festina 1 (13,28 km)

10:58 - SS 10: San Bartolome de Tirajana - Disa 1 (21,36 km)

11:41 - SS 11: Valleseco 1 (16,12 km)

15:04 - SS 12: Maspalomas - Festina 2 (13,28 km)

15:40 - SS 13: San Bartolome de Tirajana - Disa 2 (21,36 km)

16:23 - SS 14: Valleseco 2 (16,12 km)

Overall drivers will have 246,34 km on Special Stages. Below you can see a map with all SS:

Here is the Rally Islas Canarias preview:


We have to remember that Robert Kubica underlined that he will learn in his first rallies but It's good to know his strongest opponents. The most famous name is of course Jan Kopecky - Kubica's friend, who will drive a Skoda Fabia S2000. Kopecky won many IRC and ERC rallies and a few stages in WRC rallies, also in the Rally Islas Canarias in past years. The second dangerous driver will be Craig Breen with whom Kubica competited last year and the Pole won this battle.


You will able to see highlights from the rally on Eurosport.

Kubica's doctor about the Pole`s hand

"Robert has no problem at all with holding a steering wheel. The main problem is arm rotation which is not perfect. He needs more space to turn right and that's the reason why he cannot drive single-seaters on every circuit. Another surgery can help with it but it's very difficult to do" - said Igor Rossello, Kubica's surgeon.

Hanninen: Kubica will be fast

"I don’t think it would be a question of what advice I could give Robert Kubica for the Canaries, it would be more a question if what advice he could give me! I don’t think there is anything I could help him with. Canaries is really like a race track, probably the most like that of all the rallies. So I think he will be really fast there" - said Juho Hanninen, a famous rally driver.

You can follow all the reports from the Rally Islas Canarias here in next days.


fot. Eryk Mełgwa/TVP

fot. Eryk Mełgwa/TVP

fot. Eryk Mełgwa/TVP

fot. Eryk Mełgwa/TVP

fot. Eryk Mełgwa/TVP

Update Wednesday

Kubica was fastest driver during yesterda`s tests wrote Fernando Bethencourt. Pole suprised by his pace fans and other drivers. 

Special thanks to Zach Powell.

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  1. i am really looking forward, could you please give us a tip, where we can find more details about times of every SS? Thanks

    1. You can find it here, on my blog - I will make "live" from every SS :) I will also add link to live-timming :)

  2. Mateusz, thank you for this INCREDIBLY GOOD job !!

    I see Robert is STILL writing autographs with his left hand... Can't he hold a pen with his right arm? He is strong enough to old a sterring wheel, but his fingers have no control to hold a pen?

    We really want to know about his right hand, it is important to push the buttons on a F1 steering wheel..

    1. If Robert gets in shape to race in a F1 car, and a team give him the chance to compete, for shure he will have to use a steering wheel made to be switched almost completely by his left hand. His arm movement and nerves may take years to fix, so in the meanwhile he just needs to be fast, really fast, to show himself and the world that he's still a top world driver, even if he do all the work with one hand.

      Alonso .. .an F1 and Kubica fan from Chile.