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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wolff's surprising words about Kubica

Toto Wolff - Motorsport CEO of Mercedes said, that "maybe it was too early for Kubica to do DTM tests." The Austrian also spoke about Robert's injuries and his not perfect timing.

After successful tests in DTM, where Kubica was second, many fans thought that the Pole would drive in that popular and prestigious series. Unfortunately for them, Kubica has chosen a different way to spend the 2013 season and he will probably start in the ERC or WRC series.

Everybody thought that issues other than Kubica's health led to his decision not to sign a DTM contract so the latest words from Toto Wolff are surprising:

"We decided together that it would be better for him to wait a year. Robert has to shake off his demons and learn to operate permanently on a high level without having to remember what was lost to him. The injuries he has had are quite extensive and severe, perhaps DTM has come too soon. Robert is an exceptional person and a great racer. We've seen it in the car and he has performed well placed."

Wolff added that there were problems with Kubica's timing. Those words are very suprising because it seems that Kubica doesn't have any mental block, especially when he was driving in rallies.

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  1. Does'nt make any sense. Kubica was injured while rallying - so if he was afraid of anything it would be a WRC car and not a DTM car - which is much safer. I think he must have missunderstood Robert who probably said to him after the tests "that was great but I just dont feel Im ready yet for DTM" - which considering his imperfect English probably just means that he and his manager felt the ERC (which he will win easily) was the better option for his career - no guarantee he could win the DTM like the ERC. NO WAY DOES HE HAVE ANY MENTAL BLOCKS ABOUT DRIVING IN DTM>