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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wolff about Kubica, details from Friday's test in Renault

Toto Wolff confirmed, that Robert Kubica is not able to drive Formula 1 car yet, but Wolff and Mercedes want to give Pole a chance to make tests in proper car. We also know some details from last Friday's Renault Megane tests in Italy.

Last Friday Robert Kubica tested a Eurocup Renault Megane Trophy car on the one of Italian circuits. Pole did 95 laps and he wasn`t tired with it at all. "We were amazed by his pace" - said Jerry Canevisio - boss of Oregon Team and Kubica`s friend. Below You can see photo from Friday test.

On this Thursday or Friday, Kubica will be testing Mercedes DTM car on Ricardo Tormo circuit in Valencia. Toto Wolf, new Mercedes GP director who helped Kubica with this test, said to Autosport, that Mercedes wants to give Pole chance and see if he can be part of German Team.
"If we see that he is doing well in a proper racing car with downforce, I think there are still some physical constraints to driving a monocoque chassis, with his elbow and with his arm. I think we would all love to see Robert doing well in a Formula 1 car in the future, but it is definitely too early at this stage. We all obviously like Robert. He's very special. I think what we want to do at Mercedes-Benz is give him a chance of doing a proper test in a proper racing car, seeing how he goes and how he feels. He's not 100 per cent fit yet. It's the first time he's in a car with downforce and I think we have to take it from there" - said Wolff.

There were also some rumours about possible Kubica`s surgery in December 2012 which allowed Polish driver to regain more fitness in his right hand but those are unconfirmed speculations and we have to wait for some proper news.


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