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Friday, November 23, 2012

Kubica dominates in Rallye du Var

Robert Kubica won all four Special Stages during the first day of Rallye du Var in France and he leads with over a minute over Freddy Loix.

Pole who in February 2011 almost lost his right hand in rally accident is now recovering through rally starts. Last week he won Trofeo Aci Como in Italy, now he is competing in much more demanding Rallye du Var in France.

Kubica before start said that he wants to have fun and get more experience from that event. Pole, who drives Citroen C4 WRC, won all four Special Stages and after them he has 85 seconds advantege over Belgium Freddy Loix.

Here is general classification of Rallye du Var after 4 SS:
1. Robert Kubica 34:41,6
2. Freddy Loix + 1:25,0
3. Cedric Robert + 2:04.2
4. Julien Martin + 2:37,3
5. Charles Zauccarrelli + 2:50,8

On Saturday drivers will have 5 SS:
8:35 SS5 Le Plan de la Tour 2 (20.25 km)
10:10 SS6 Collobrieres 1 (32.57 km)
11:10 SS7 Pignans (16.65 km)
12:25 SS8 La Mole 2 (7.58 km)
16:25 SS9 Vidauban 1 (31.74 km)

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