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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ferrari in touch with Kubica, Pole on Renault Rally Event

Ferrari vice-president Piero Ferrari admits that his company is in regular contact with Robert Kubica and knows exactly what he is doing during his rehabilitation. Pole will be guest on Renault Rally Event.

Since his first start in Formula 1, Robert Kubica has always been connected by rumours with Ferrari. Pole lives in Italy since 1999 and is well known and liked by Italians fans.

In fact, since 2010-2011 Kubica talked with Ferrari about his contract in 2012 and 2013. In September Kubica admitted that he would have been a Ferrari driver if not accident from February 2011.

Piero Ferrari confirmed that and said that Kubica is a great driver and Ferrari is watching his recovery progress and is in contact with Polish driver but there is still nothing certain about Robert`s future.

Pole plans to start twice in rallies in November - in Italy and France. But earlier, Kubica will be a guest on Renualt Rally Event from 10th to 11th November in Bibbiena in Italy.

It is stil not known which car he will drive.

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