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Saturday, September 8, 2012

First day of Kubica`s rally - LIVE [photos, quotes, movies]

Today Robert Kubica begins his first rally after an accident in Ronde di Andora. He has already appeared at the start of Ronde Gomitolo di Lana in Italy. His car - Subaru Impreza WRC S12B is already after technical test. We have first Robert photos and his first interview. You can see it below.

As I informed yesterday, Kubica will be one of the participants of the Ronde Gomitolo di Lana rally. Robert will drive Subaru Impreza WRC S12B and his co-driver will be Giuliano Manfredi. Kubica firstly didn`t want to speak with journalists but later he gave an interview for SkySport24 where he said: "I just wanted to see the first corner after months of recovery." He added that he may possibly come back to F1 in 2014 but there is still nothing certain about that.

Robert`s name is already on the rally start list. You can see it HERE.


Kubica gave an interview for SkySport24, here it is:

Here is translation of this interview (from
Antonio Boselli: The moment we've been all waiting for. Robert Kubica returns to motorsport. It's very good to see you, Robert.
Robert Kubica: Thank you, thank you very much. As you may imagine, I would like to return somewhere else, but sometimes it is like it is. Now I am entering more active phase of my rehabilitation, hoping to return where I've been in the past. Still, taking part in this rally is a very important moment for me; it's very emotionall to be here, in Biella. It's happening after 20-21 very tough months.
I hope that we will all have a good time.
I will not focue on times, because the main thing right now is to return to automatism in motorsport driving and to help hand's rehab.
I drive sports cars for 20 years and my body is used to certain operations, activities and the only way I can 'recall' them is to sit behind the wheel.
We will see what happens.
It is important that we are here, we are happy and excited before the start.
It's been a while since I drove a rally car on the road and we will see what happens.
AB: Could you talk us through the time when you were not present in media. I can imagine that you went through some tough time. We all wanted to know how you feel, however I believe that everybody accepted your will to remain private person. Please tell us few words about it.
RK: I would prefer no to talk about it as it hasn't been easy time for me. I can only say that we have never given up. There are of course certain issues that I have no influence on. Being patient and tough in some why I made the best I could to return to full efficiency.
There still are traumas after the accident and I there is still a long rehab that I have to go through. Moreover, most probably I will not be as fit in the future, as before. But still, thanks to activities like this rally, as well as next ones (I will probably take part in San Martino di Castrozza rally) I can have a short break from demanding rehab I am going through since February last year.
During last period of time I was visiting mostly hospitals, operating rooms and rehab centres.
Now I finally see some corners, some power sliding, I can smell petrol.
AB: No doubt about it - everybody is wondering if you will ever be able to return to Formula 1. Do you think it will be possible? Do you have some timesheet for this? What are your plans?
RK: I have never thought about in terms of percents and timing. Today, as I already said, I am happy to be here. Sometimes in your life you have to be happy with where you are, however one would like to be somewhere else.
I am not able to answer right now what the future will bring.
Of course, I am doing my best to be fully fit next year. During coming months I will be able to decide what I will do in the future.
I have tested rally cars on circuits lately and in the next months I will decide on what I will do in the future and what will give me maximum pleasure. I will also be able to say if return to Formula 1 is possible or not.
What I will do next year will give me some indications regarding 2014.
But at this moment, I am not able to answer this question and I do not think about it. I am not able to answer this question. What I know is that right now I start here, in Ronde Gomitolo di Lana and for 85-90 % I will also take part in San Martino di Castrozza rally using the same car. And then we will see.
AB: But it has to be said that the whole Formula 1 world, as well as lots of journalists (including Polish ones) have been very emotional about your return...
RK: I am emotional about this as well. And right now I am happy. I know that lots of fans wanted to hear how do I feel. But I am not like that. During last 20 months lots of things has been said, some of them completely not true.
My approach is like that: if I am not 100 % sure regarding something, I am not saying it. And that is why I decided to speak right now. And what I am saying is that I will take part in Ronde Gomitolo di Lana.
AB: Thank you very much and good luck.
Translation from Italian done by Adam Malecki, Program 3 Polskiego Radia (3rd Program of Polish National Radio).

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Photos from facebook of blog -
Today from 12 do 15 was held a shakedown. At 19 beged honour start. First team will go off tomorrow at 7:30. Here you can see rally trailer.

You can follow rally stages Here.

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  1. Best news in a long time! Kubica is dearly missed. Hope to see him in F1 next year

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  3. Mateusz!!!

    Thank you so much! You are the best journalist!!

    Formula 1 for Robert, Pulitzer for you!!

  4. his arm seemed strange and he was walking funny. I wish we would just know the truth already. I think he is really messed up and dosen't want to admitt it.

  5. I have always been hopefull of a return to f1 for robert as he was my favorite driver. Bt if you look at his right hand there is no way he can return. It looks seriously damage still and the movement looks restricted still after two years. Good bye robert. Ill miss you in f1

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