Robert Kubica - the best Polish driver

Saturday, August 11, 2012

We have Robert Kubica`s new photos

Two new photos of Robert Kubica we can find on Internet. Unfortunately we don`t know when were they taken. You can see them below.

On Friday on the Internet appeared a photo of a man taking picture of some car with his telephone. His author wrote that it was Kubica but not everybody believed him. Now we have confirmation that it really was Robert. Below I present both photos.

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  1. PlanetF1's summary of the season so far in Winners & Loosers. Placed 9th on the loosers' side. A. Davies writes:
    9.Robert Kubica.
    Last year we were asking when Robert Kubica would return – with little news of Robert’s progress, sadly it’s now a case of ‘if’ he will return.

  2. Seems to be really happy about his life for now? Correct me if I'm wrong.

  3. There goes my Hero, watch him as he goes...

    1. Back in rallying? hardly ordinary though!