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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kubica's rally test confirmed. More surgery in September?

Robert Kubica will most likely undergo further surgery to his wrist in September, according to the Polish Press Agency (PAP) citing Italian sources. The PAP is reporting that Kubica is still struggling with mobility in his right hand, moreover that he is also lacking full mobility in his fingers. The surgery is aimed at, among other things, removing scar tissue which is hindering the movement in the wrist and fingers. 

Meanwhile, the previously reported four day rally test with Ford in France has now been confirmed according to It is being reported that not only were his tests successful, but that he was also very fast.
In July, Ford carried out four, single day tests at the Circuit des Ecuyers in France. Petter Solber and Jari Matti Latvala were among those who carried out the tests. 
Ford technical director Christian Loriaux had the following to say regarding the tests: "Solberg, Latvalla and a driver who doesn`t want to give more publicity to his cooperation, drove on Circuit des Ecuyers. This driver has some experience on asphalt - he came at his own expense and worked great. During our first contact he told me that he is not sure if he will be physically able to drive but he did good job". 

The driver Loriaux mentioned was indeed Kubica.

As usual, when more facts can be confirmed we will report them. However, on the whole, this is very positive and encouraging news in Kubica's rehabilitation and road back to F1.

editor: Michal Flisowski

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  1. Well, to know for sure that he was able to race a standard WRC car at good pace are great news. thanks for keep us informed.

  2. Roberts driving ability is a natural raw talent. These tests I'm sure are to strain the minute muscles in his hand so that he can explain to his doctor how he feels. When he returns, he will be as effective as the car he sits in.

    Thank you for the regular updates!