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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Kubica`s surgeon: Elbow is still a problem

Igor Rossello, doctor who carried on Robert Kubica`s surgeries said that all nerves and fingers in Robert`s hand are working well, but there is still a problem with his elbow mobility. Rossello spoke with Pole about month ago.

About week ago on BBC sport appeared an article in which journalist wrote: "Kubica can drive a road car and a rally car without problem but the nerves in his right arm, which was partially severed are still not healed sufficiently to allow him to move his fingers quickly or accurately enough to operate the controls on an F1 car."

Those words were surprising because until now we knew that there is no problem with fingers mobility and the only one problem is still the elbow condition. Now another person which was close to Robert (after his co-driver Jakub Gerber) told us that it`s not true and Kubica`s nerves and fingers are working well.

Unfortunately, there is still a problem with Kubica`s elbow and Pole cannot rotate it good enough to drive a racing car. Robert is still looking for some help with rehabilitation, he even was in Great Britain on medical consultations.

Rossello spoke with Robert about month ago, earlier he spoke also with Daniele Morelli, who is still Kubica`s manager.

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