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Thursday, August 2, 2012

BBC about Robert Kubica

BBC mentioned about Robert Kubica in its newest article about candidates to replace Felipe Massa in Ferrari next week. Andrew Benson wrote surprising words that Robert still has problem with his fingers mobility.

In article "Ferrari in quandary over Fernando Alonso's team-mate" one of candidates to replace Brazilian in next season is Robert Kubica but author is recalling that Pole still is not able to drive F1 car:

"Ferrari have long been keen on Robert Kubica, but the Pole has still not sufficiently recovered from the horrendous injuries suffered in a rallying crash in February 2011.

Kubica, 27, can drive a road car and a rally car without problem but the nerves in his right arm, which was partially severed are still not healed sufficiently to allow him to move his fingers quickly or accurately enough to operate the controls on an F1 car.

Those words can be surprising because until now we knew that there is no problem with fingers mobility and the only one problem is still the elbow condition. It was said few months ago by Jakub Gerber, Kubica`s co-driver from Ronde di Andora 2011 rally.

We don`t know what is the source of that info but I suppose that author simply doesn`t analyse Robert current condition.

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  1. I think that even Kubica doesn't think about showing up on the grid. If he comes back it'll be any kind of a motorsport but I doubt the F1.

    1. You never know - life is full of suprises :)

  2. To be honest all this issue with utterly elusive Kubica is becoming a farse. Chasing the tinniest information about, searching through all information media, trying to publicise any snapshots of himself whatever the source is, digging deep and far away and reading and following it has just became a dull thing. This site might as well be about Loch Ness monster. Everyone hopes to spot him and confirm he really exists. Nearly 2 years ago it was a shock that such a bright star of F1 may not comeback to sport. Now due to Kubica's ( and his management ) way of dealing with the issue the steam is down, the pressure is off, the hope is low and feeling that fans are just the intruders put off many of them from waiting and giving support. People are just curious what Robert is about to say if he turns up in media. Being elusive and short in words was his trademark when in F1. Now this trademark turned into something fans would call the ignorance towards them.

    1. Nearly 2 years ??? If I count correctly it is 1,5 years.