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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Alonso about Kubica`s condition and mood

Newest F1 Racing magazine is quoting Fernando Alonso words, who said, that there is still nothing certain about Robert Kubica`s comeback to Formula 1. Spaniard, who was  Kubica`s closest friend in Formula 1 added that Pole is hurting that he is "so far away from what has always been his world".

During last months Alonso didn`t speak much about Robert. Both drivers were close friend in Formula 1 paddock. Now - in F1 Racing magazine - Spaniard said:"It’s very hard to say whether Robert will return to 100 per cent fitness and be able to race again in Formula One”.

Ferrari driver also mentioned  about Kubica`s mental condition which is not perfect: "Now and again we speak and I know how much it hurts him to be so far away from what has always been his world. He has to keep calm and think first and foremost about recovering total functionality of his body, then he can think again about racing".

According press reports, Kubica and Alonso could have been now team mates in Ferrari but accident from February 6th destroyed Italian team plans to hire talented Pole.

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