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Sunday, July 22, 2012

New Robert Kubica`s photo

Robert Kubica was a spectator of one of the Italian races, and one of his fans put a photo of Pole on her Twitter. You can see it below.

Kubica was watching Rally Città di Lucca, which was very near the place where he lives. Michaela Baldini was able to take a picture with a Polish driver in the Ponte a Moriano. It was taken about 5 o`clock in the morning. Kubica arrived at the rally itself, in his own car.

Kubica was completely natural, however, as the author of the picture revealed, he kept his right hand out of her eyes and she could not see in what condition it is.

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  1. I have to say, all news and information you provide here are hihgly appreciated. However, you should really work on your English if you want to appeal to the bigger audience. It would be much more pleasent to read without so many grammar errors. But well done anyway:)

    1. His English is not perfect but if you want to understand what he want to tell us, you will :)

    2. How's your Polish then?!!!This guy is kindly given us updates on Robert's condition,not an english lesson and I,for one, don't have any problem understanding him.Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Great information as always. Your English is super extra. Keep up the good work.

  3. Thanks! Your English is perfectly fine ;), don't you worry about that!

  4. is great news to see Robert back and it will be even better to see him back in the game..

  5. Your English is very good. Thanks for all the news

  6. Thank You, I hope We will hear some more good news about Robert in recent days.

  7. You are a well informed fan and not an award seeking author. No need to try and become a grammar nerd. Keep up the good work. Thanks for all the Robert information!!!

  8. Thanks for the updates!! We all want Robert back!
    As for mateusz's grammar- it is perfectly fine so if you can't appreciate it you can go elsewhere!

  9. Your spelling is incorrect. Hihgly = Highly. Pleasent = Pleasant. You should never begin a sentence with "but".

  10. Yes, thanks again, I have been anticipating more news on your site for sometime as you are my primary source for Robert Kubica updates.

    My only concern is that when he is ready to return to F1 that he may need to reaffirm his talent on a less competitive team initially. I believe that once recovered Robert would be able to step in with any team and compete for the prime driver position.

    Thanks for the photo, nice to see him,


  11. He looks good. Gained weight and I bet works a bit at the gym. The most important thing though is that he enjoys himself and still around motorsport events. I think it's a minor issue if he's to be back on the grid or not. As long as he knows what he'll be up to in the future and feels well in the situation he's now. Of course everyone would benefit from he's blog, tweets or in-depth interview with him in Corriere dello sport. It's not quite right not to say anything to the fans who's been waiting for that for two years but probably that's his way of dealing with the situation. Maybe he just want to give him a break. Maybe the one chapter is closed and he's about to start the next one.

  12. Mateusz CieślickiJuly 23, 2012 6:41 AM
    'Thank You, I hope We will hear some more good news about Robert in recent days.'

    Reply: 'Recent' does not mean 'yet to come' or 'of the near future' ( coming days ) or maybe you meant 'from recent days'. I know your primary blog is the one in Polish, however it would be nice to read your site properly written. Good on you and fingers crossed, Matt.

  13. Dear Mateusz,

    Thank you for doing the job that professionnal journalists are NOT doing.

    I am the biggest Robert Kubica fan in the world (some people might challenge my title ;-) ) and I find it very frustrating not to have any news about him.

    I was wondering if Robert, who is the owner of RK karts, has ever tried one of his go-karts after his accident. Not the "toy-karts" but the REAL one, like the one Karol Basz drives.

    It would be nice to SEE Robert on a little film, to se how he wals, if he limps, or if he is doing OK. If you can give him a handshake, test his harm ;-).

    Thank you again Mateusz, and keep up the good work!!