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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kubica was at the funeral of the killed rally drivers [update]

Italian press agency ANSA reported that Robert Kubica took part in funeral ceremonies and the march of silence to commemorate dead rally drivers Valerio Catelani and Daniela Bertoneri who died tragically in Rally Cita di Lucca. The couple was from Pietrasanta, a town where Robert lives.

On Saturday it was revealed that Robert Kubica was a spectator on one of the small Italian Rallies - Rally Citta di Lucca, which took place near his hometown. We could even see his pictures taken before the rally.

Unfortunately, the rally ended tragically - at the one of the road bends Valerio Castelani and Daniela Bertoneri, who privately were a couple from Pietrasanta, fell in their car into a deep, unprotected hole, and their car caught fire, and they, not being able to get out, burned .

Yesterday was the funeral of the victims and one of the drivers who came was Robert Kubica. As reported ANSA, he took part in the march of silence after the funeral ceremonies in Forte dei Marmi.

Pictures of Robert from Rally citta di Lucca you can see HERE.

Sunday`s update

Another time Robert Kubica`s fans showed their faith in Pole`s comeback and during Hungarian Grand Prix they prepared for him a special Polish flag with a statement: "Robert never give up! We wait, We hope, We love!". You can see it below:

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