Robert Kubica - the best Polish driver

Friday, May 25, 2012

Robert Kubica after another elbow surgery?

According to Italian sources Robert Kubica underwent in last days an elbow surgery. Doctors propably put in his right elbow a bone prosthesis to ensure full mobility of this part of Kubica`s hand. Those are not corfirmed news, we hope to hear some official in next days.

According to one of Italian websites, Kubica in last few days had another surgery on his elbow. We cannot be sure what specificly doctors done in Robert`s elbow, but probably they removed some part of fractured in February 2011 elbow bone and put in that place small prosthesis.

Such information is very probable. In my last post I informed, that Kubica can have in plans another surgery. We are waiting for some comment from Kubica`s manager or friends.


  1. Hopefully Kubica will return next year and in a Ferrari !, he is an stunning driver that deserves to be back.

  2. Yet another surgery, ouch. Hoping he can do some F1 testing this winter, and come back at some capacity in 2013...