Robert Kubica - the best Polish driver

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Photos of last Kubica`s rally test

On appeared photos from Robert Kubica Saturday`s test. Below you can watch them.

I`ve informed about this test ealier and now I can show you pictures. Kubica was driving Renault Clio S1600 but we cannot see him behind the wheel. We can only see him watching run of his car on one of the photos.

Test was prepared by Erreffe. Robert done 30 runs and he was quick. Here are the photos:
Photos from:, author Kevin Hegyes on facebooku!


  1. Great to hear! Thanks for keep updating us on Kubica's situation. :)

  2. Yeah Thanks!!! great news!

  3. You can see both hands on the steering wheel, and driving a left-hand drive, meaning he is most likely using his right for gear shifts. He drove 30 times meaning he has enough stamina to drive for long.

    Good news all in all. I wouldn't worry if we can't see his face through the windshield. He's not the type to play some PR game and send someone else to drive his car for him for publicity.

    1. I think everyone would play PR game, to keep people / sponsors happy.

  4. Great!! so nice to see the beast roll back again! BIG fan of Robert