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Saturday, March 3, 2012

"Robert walked in confidently and shook our hands"

A week after Robert Kubica`s meeting with lottery winners, we can hear first official report from it. Her impressions from meeting expressed Karolina from Warsaw, who won the lottery. The most important sentence is: "Robert walked in confidentaly and shook our hands."

On Thursday, February 24th at approx. 18 Robert Kubica met with two winners of the Lotto lottery. On Friday, we could already read the official press report of this meeting. Now we know more details of it, because one of the persons participating in the meeting gave an interview.

Mrs. Karoline from Warsaw, was impressed by Robert Kubica, especially his kindness and openness. The winner, of course, strongly praised the meeting, but the key sentence for us is: "Robert walked in confidently and shook our hands."
I realize that maybe we should not analyse that those sentence, but it is quite an important signal of good health of Robert Kubica. Of course, I assume that all spoken words by Mrs. Karoline are true.

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