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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Robert Kubica had fourth time during gokarts runs [update]

Robert Kubica is fourth in a rekord table on MyKart karting track in Montecanti in Italy. We learned that yesterday on Twitter.

The question about it was posed on MyKart track`s Twitter profile. We can read such answear: "Yesterdays Kubica run very fast: he is four time in best laps." This result may mean that Kubica`s hand condition is very good.

Since first days of March Robert was few times on MyKart track. Propably he was using a nickname "TROTO". It is also possible, that Robert is driving on computer simulation games like Richard Burns Rally since September.

There is a picture of this conversation:



  1. It was taken from my facebook :) you can use the pictue if you want :)

  2. Do you want me to email you the picture? What's your email

  3. Replies
    1. Being used to the Polish way of speaking English, it means that 4 times Robert K. improved the best lap of Mycart. Again meaning that R.K. 4 times bettered his best performance of that go-card.

    2. No, he set the 4th fastest time.

      It's very good though, shows Kubica hasn't lost the competitive edge over the past year. It's good... every new bit of news is positive.

  4. No, Robert has fourth time in track record`s table...

  5. He set the 4th fastest time of the track (ever recorded)

    I guess that is what you are trying to say

  6. I bet some 11 year old boy who weighs 40kg has the record. Good job Robert!!