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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Robert Kubica drove a gokart last Sunday

Robert Kubica has drove a gokart last Sunday in Montecatini on MyKart Via Foscolo circuit. He did 3 laps and he was the only man on the track. Below I present pictures from this event.

Source: iltirreno.i,


  1. only 3 laps? Clearly, something must be not right.

  2. Replies
    1. you ever driven on a kart track? 3 laps are over in 3 minutes. no one does 3 laps. unless you are unable to.
      so, um, it appears you are the idiot.

  3. No need to suspect something wrong really. He is taking baby steps towards his return, so he is testing waters mostly. I am glad the pics are coming up.

    Good job (sorry I am not very familiar with your language and cannot respond properly or express my gratitude at keeping us informed).

  4. It seems like he is hiding his right hand on every new pictures i have seen lately.

  5. Well he is wearing the same driving glove on his right hand as he is his left so I would not imply he his hiding his right hand at all.

    It is good to see him out and seemingly healthy.

    Thank you for the info Mateusz.

    Kubica is the best!


  6. With all do respect, this is not a formal race track, nor is this a real racing kart!
    It's indoor "kart track" for kids!
    And Robert hardly squeezed himself behind the wheel with ridiculously bent knees.
    It's almost like a bad joke.