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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Alguersuari about Kubica`s health. Is it true?

Former Formula 1 driver, Jaime Alguersuari, who is now BBC 5 Formula 1 expert, said yesterday that Robert Kubica is not able to grab a glass of water, because in his right hand there is no strength. The Spaniard said that Pole`s injury is more serious than everyone thought. He added that Robert would certainly be world champion, if he could have competitive car. It is not known from where Alguersuari has info about Robert`s condition.
Alguersuari this season has not found a place in F1 and he will be a commentator for BBC radio 5. Yesterday in BCC F1 Special, he said:
Robert is a great and complete driver. If he had a competitive car, I'm sure he would be a world champion. Newest information that I have about him are not good. He is not able to drink with his right hand, as there is no strenght to grasp and lift a glass of water. It seems that his injury was much worse than we thought. "
Whole interview you can hear here: (from 14:30)


  1. It seems Robert tested a rally car privately this week at Liguria. Here is an article with pictures

    Of course he can't lift a glass (lol) but during a race he doesn't have to lift glasses, as long as he can drive well the Jaime's can keep barking from the sidelines.

    1. Algersauri iss a bitter fired driver, who dont know anything about Kubica's health, Alonso is the only driver who can really tell. Jaime dont want any competition from any driver in his hopes to return to a driving seat again. Lets wait and see if Robert can recover his right hand stregth. This will take a lot of time. Lets be patient.