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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Robert Kubica after surgery

Robert Kubica underwent yesterday surgery after Wednesday`s accident. He fell near his house and broketibia. Surgery was not complicated and it ended successfully. On Pole`s leg there is now a special external stabilizer. For 3-4 weeks Robert will be able to resume leg`s exercises he should leave hospital within a fewdays.

On Wednesday, Robert fell near to his house in Pietrasanta, and was immediately taken to a local hospital. Doctors diagnosed fracture of right leg`s tibia. Robert underwent surgery yesterday in Carlo Poma Hospital in Mantova. In a few days should leave the facility.

Now Robert have an external stabilizer on his right leg, similar to those established after the accident of February 6, but much smaller.

Kubica can still work on right hand strenght, which is crucial for him to come back.

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