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Monday, January 16, 2012

J. Gerber: Robert`s hand is fully functional, he just need training

Jakub Gerber, co-driver who participated in Robert Kubica`s accident in Ronde di Andora rally, told us something about Pole`s condition for the first time since February. Gerber said that Robert`s right hand is already fully functional, but there is not strength in her. Kubica now have to focus on training and rebuilding such performance as he had before the accident. We also learned a few details about Wednesday`s accident when Robert broke his right leg. It came out, that tibia bone was not healing properly.

Gerber said that Robert `s right hand, which suffered mostly in an accident, is already fully functional, and now Pole needs to work on regaining strength and fitness in her. To make that he was riding on a bike for example, but after the last leg injury, he will have to give it up for some time.

Yesterday we also learned from Daniele Morelli, that Robert has already got out of bed, and doctors said that he should return to normality for about a week. On Monday or Tuesday Kubica will leave hospital in Mantova. We learned also, that Polish driver`s tibia did not heal properly. 

Morelli explained that during surgery doctors cleaned injured place and founded on a very small external stabilizer. It imposes minor restrictions on movement.


  1. Wow what happened to your english this time? It's usually great. Thanks for bringing us all these news by the way. :) Hope his leg recovers fast.

  2. Robert's hand is fully functional, he just needs training ;).

  3. Thank You for Your help and sorry for my misteakes.

  4. Don't moan at his English just be grateful.. Usually we have to use the translater..

  5. Thanks Mateusz! Your blog is great.. the no.1 source for informative yet balanced updates on Kubica. Staying positive!! Would love to see him in the prancing horse!

  6. No it wasn't meant as moaning, i was just wondering because usually it's great. :)

  7. Thank you for keeping us updated, MateUSC, your blog is amazing. Kate

  8. Oh God, sorry about misspelling your name, damn autocorrect! Kate (again)

  9. Thanks Mat, appreciate your work at keeping us updated. Lets hope Robert is back soon and challenging

  10. Mateusz, you are doing a great service for all English speaking Robert Kubica fans around the world. You have my sincerest appreciation.

    I like others who visit your blog are confident RK will return 100% ready to compete. If there is anyone who can battle back from injuries it is for sure Robert!

    And when he does return hopefully it will be with a team that is strong enough to allow him to meet his full potential... multiple driver championships!

    - Kevin

    1. Thank You Kevin. I hope that we will hear some good news in next few days. I search every day some information on Polish, Italian, English and French websites.

      Robert is a great driver and we all hope that he will come back soon in good shape.

  11. Missed Blessings, his hand is functional again but his leg broke because it never healed properly in the first place. I would want him to heal COMPLETELY, before even considering Formula1. Racing can go to hell, Robert needs time. Once recovered, I am sure he will win the world championship! Cheers to Robert!

  12. No w końcu znalazłem jakieś informacje na temat Roberta! Dzięki Mateusz!