Robert Kubica - the best Polish driver

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Important news from Italy about Robert

A few interesting news about Robert Kubica has been published since yesterday, mostly in Italian press. The most important information came from James Allen, because he is quoting Pino Allievi - Kubica`s friend. He confirms earlier news about riding a bike and Kubica`s hand better condition. Robert`s aim is to test in a racing car and a simulator in June.

Yesterday wrote that Robert Kubica has currently 90-day training schedule, after which, at the end of April, will be know much more in his case.

Today on appeared interesting article in which author refers to the Pino Allievi words, a journalist who is in close contact with Robert Kubica. We can learn that since December Pole drove a car and ride a bike, and that he should soon return to doing it after lately breaking his leg.

Important are also news about Robert`s hand skills. Allen confirmed that it`s condition is good, there is already a good range of its movements, but he "still has some problems with rotation movements between the elbow and wrist."

Allievi also said that Kubica`s goal is to come back at the same driving level as he was before the accident. Pole is expected to have tests in the simulator and racing car no late.



  1. This is great news, good luck and a rapid return to F1, Robert

  2. It's great to have such fans!

  3. Thanks, Mateusz! A whole year now... It seems such a long time since our man was able to drive an F1 car, but I won't give up hope of seeing him back again. F1 isn't the same without him...

  4. I hope will see u soon Robert .u are one of the best we can see.can't wait to see u again