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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ceccarelli: Kubica`s comeback is an open question

Riccardo Ceccarelli, a doctor who worked with Robert Kubica for 8 years, and since February was supervising Pole`s rehabilitation said two importantthings for Italian media. He said that Kubica`s return behind the wheel is an open question, although at the beginning chances for full recovery were very small. He also denied that there was argue between him and Polish driver, and said that they are still friends. Meanwhile, after the expiration of the contract between Pole and Lotus Renault GP, Kubica`s official website has substantially changed the appearance.

Dr. Ceccarelli spoke in recent days to and Italian denies them that the reason he is not already working with Robert, is that there is no progress in rahabilitation. He said that he remains in constant contact with Daniele Morelli.

Ceccarelli admitted that at firstly condition of Kubica`s hand was tragic, and the chances for full recovery were very low. However, thanks to great doctors work and Kubica`s determination his return to racing in Formula 1 is still open. Pole is making systematic progress, but not everything depends on him. Ceccarelli said that nerves have to grow completely. It is impossible to predict when Robert will regain full fitness in hand, and when he will return to F1. Rehabilitation is positive, and recovery is faster than everyone expected.

After the expiration of the contract with Lotus Renault GP previous look of Robert Kubica`s official website dissapeared. Now we can see only contact details of his managers. We do not know whether it is a permanent change (which implies no endorsement "in construction") or for a short time to remove all signs of the sponsors of the former Kubica`s team.

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