Robert Kubica - the best Polish driver

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Important news from Italy about Robert

A few interesting news about Robert Kubica has been published since yesterday, mostly in Italian press. The most important information came from James Allen, because he is quoting Pino Allievi - Kubica`s friend. He confirms earlier news about riding a bike and Kubica`s hand better condition. Robert`s aim is to test in a racing car and a simulator in June.

Monday, January 16, 2012

J. Gerber: Robert`s hand is fully functional, he just need training

Jakub Gerber, co-driver who participated in Robert Kubica`s accident in Ronde di Andora rally, told us something about Pole`s condition for the first time since February. Gerber said that Robert`s right hand is already fully functional, but there is not strength in her. Kubica now have to focus on training and rebuilding such performance as he had before the accident. We also learned a few details about Wednesday`s accident when Robert broke his right leg. It came out, that tibia bone was not healing properly.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Robert Kubica after surgery

Robert Kubica underwent yesterday surgery after Wednesday`s accident. He fell near his house and broketibia. Surgery was not complicated and it ended successfully. On Pole`s leg there is now a special external stabilizer. For 3-4 weeks Robert will be able to resume leg`s exercises he should leave hospital within a fewdays.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Morelli: Robert Kubica broke his tibia

Daniele Morelli (who despite rumours is still Kubica`s manager) gave us a newest information about Robert Kubica`s condition. Yesterdaay Robert Kubica fell near his house in Pietrasanta and broke his right leg`s tibia. Pole was taken to hospital in Versilia for x-ray scan. Tommorow he will have an surgery on this leg. Leg broke in in the same place as in accident in Ronde di Andora rally.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ceccarelli: Kubica`s comeback is an open question

Riccardo Ceccarelli, a doctor who worked with Robert Kubica for 8 years, and since February was supervising Pole`s rehabilitation said two importantthings for Italian media. He said that Kubica`s return behind the wheel is an open question, although at the beginning chances for full recovery were very small. He also denied that there was argue between him and Polish driver, and said that they are still friends. Meanwhile, after the expiration of the contract between Pole and Lotus Renault GP, Kubica`s official website has substantially changed the appearance.