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Monday, November 7, 2011

Robert Kubica after wrist surgery

Robert Kubica underwent last wrist surgery on the last Thursday. Doctors removed one of screws in wrist and cleaned off this Kubica`s bodypaart. Now the Pole`s rehabilitation will aim to restore a full mobility of the fingers, and will lead to first tests in single-seaters. In next few days there will be also a statement of Kubica and Lotus about next year F1 season.

Doctors cleaned out Kubica`s wrist and removed one of screws which limited mobility in it. Surgery ended with success and now driver can move his wrist and elbow. Now his rehabilitation will focus on regaining full mobiliity and strenght in his wrist. Such information wrote Mikołaj Sokół, Polish journaliist and Kubica`s friend on his blog ( Along with it we learned some interesting information about Pole`s future.
In the coming days there will be a statement of Lotus Renault GP and Robert Kubica, which will inform that the Pole will be LRGP driver in next year. There won`t be, however, the date on which Kubica will start driving. If he could not be able to participate in the pre-season tests or races, he will be replaced by another driver (probably Romain Grosjean), which will give place to Robert as soon as he will be ready to racing.

As pointed Mikołaj Sokół, Lotus Renault GP still desperately wants Kubica`s return. on facebook! Join us!

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  1. please please please please kubica please come back next season