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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Morelli: Kubica`s test in Formula Renault 2000 car in January

Daniele Morelli, Robert Kubica`s manager said to Italianracing that Robert Kubica will test his skills after rehabilitation in January using Formula Renault 2000 car. After it Pole should test in more powerful Formula Renault 3.5. By end of this year Kubica won`t be able to decide when he will be able to drive F1 car.

"We are still far from being able to take any kind of decision. When Robert will be physically ready, as he was before the accident, then he will resume doing his job. It is true that we are slightly late in rehabilitation, but our goal is still to be on track in 2012. The contract with Renault will expire on December 31 and I think that by this date we cannot say if Robert be able to drive a F1 car. I also understand that teams wishing for the end of the year to have already defined their drivers. We are waiting and we don`t want to make any misteake" - said Morelli.

"I think around mid-January, Robert will be able to get on a car to make a preliminary test. I think that he will run a Formula Renault 2.0 car. After that, he will tell us if he feel pain and if everything will be perfect will be able to make another test with a more powerful car, a Dallara Renault 3.5. Robert knows it well, having won the championship in 2005 with it. If he will able to drive this car with perfection, then it will mean that problems are solved and we will give him a F1 car. After that, we'll look around."

Morelli has no doubts about Kubica`s recovery: "Every day I see his determination and his great will. I believe that he will be the same as always. But, as I mentioned, only he will decide when is the time to try to drive F1 car" - added Italian.


  1. Hope to see you back in Formula One soon, Robert, I'm sure you still retain your skills and dexterity to be the finest racer today. Keep working on the comeback, Champ.

  2. Hope you get back, class driver.

  3. Think to be well, after all will be easy. You are a great driver. You have only to wait a little.