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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Boullier: "I'm not holding the seat for Kubica but I am holding an opportunity for him to be back"

Eric Boullier told BBC today during Abu Dhabi`s Grand Prix, that he still don`t have any clear information about Robert Kubica`s conditions and his chances to regain full fitness. Frenchman told that he is not holding seat for Kubica, but he is holding an opportunity for Pole to be back. Lotus Renault GP`s boss said also that he is in tought situation.

BBC is quoting Boullier:
"We have an issue. We went for a very innovative design this year and it cost us a lot to develop it. This is the price we have had to pay. Also don't forget we lost Robert Kubica as well. I'm not holding the seat for him but I am holding an opportunity for him to be back. We have been waiting all year to get some news. We have worked on a number of different scenarios and now we're pretty close to deciding what we want to do. We're waiting to hear whether Robert can commit." also quotes Boullier saying: "Communication is not good and I don`t know how is Robert."


  1. yo Mate, why is Robert not communicateing with the team? Do you know?

  2. Propably because his condition is not so good and he really don`t know anything certain.