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Monday, October 24, 2011

Igor Rossello about Kubica`s recovery, incredible news!

Dr. Igor Rossello, who operated Robert Kubica in February and now is supervising Pole`s rehabilitation told yesterday very positive news about his health. Kubica already rides road cars, his elbow moves freely and he has feeling in all his fingers. The only problem still makes the wrist, but after minor surgery, which should be held soon, the full mobility will be restored. Below I present a full interview.

Yesterday in the sports audition in Radio Troika, Dr. Rossello was asked about the current state of Robert Kubica and his future. Rossello said that Kubica has feeling in his fingers, he can stretch them, lift objects and that now rehabilitation concerns about muscle strenght. He also said, that Kubica drivers road cars and that he doesn`t have bandages. There will be some small surgery to improve wrist mobility. Below I present whole interview with surgeon:

Adam Malecki: How is Robert? How is his rehabilitation?
Igor Rossello: "Robert has done a lot of progress. I can talk about it in what I am most competent: but from the beginning, from the date of the accident mainly problem was his right hand. Robert moves all his fingers. He is able to lift objects. He has regained sense in the fingertips, and the nerves regenerate very nicely. All that is slowly, but it works as it should."

A.M.: Are you surprised by this development? 

IR: "I was surprised that Robert recovers so quickly. Clearly we are not dealing with the so-called" normal "patient."

A.M.: There may be some complications? 
I.R.: "No, not anymore. Now we are thinking how to put him as soon as possible to the car. Sorry. To the F1 car, because Robert already rides a road car."

A.M:. But recently news which appeared on the Internet and various photos of Kubica shows that Robert has bandaged right hand! 

I.R.: "This is not true. Robert has no longer bandages, since the surgery in Modena, which unlocked the elbow. Robert can move freely with his elbow. The only thing that awaits us is a small procedure that will improve functioning of the wrist."

A.M.: On what Robert is now working on? 

I.R.: "On the strength of the muscles which were not functioning for some time, and on the wrist, which still does not move perfectly."

A.M.: And what such work looks like? 

I.R.: "That's a lot of exercises that Robert make very conscientiously. And like I said, it is no longer a stage of recovery, but to restore power.He is very close to the end. As I look at Robert I can not stop wondering how well it all went: All fractures are healed. The only question is whether Robert will be able to drive as before. We have done our job perfectly."

A.M.: So from the physical side, Robert will be able to return to full fitness and disposition before the accident? 

I.R.: "Yes, it's possible. Robert is very determined. He already knows he will be able to return raciing."

A.M.: It is known that in Formula 1, the functionality of the hand should be perfect. There will be no problems?
I.R.: "For sure there won`t be any restrictions. In such cases, full fitness never comes back to one hundred percent. But we wondered about the amputation, so it shows how serious was the situation. We fought for his life, then to save the arm, his condition was very bad, so hand won`t be such efficient like before the accident. But he will be able to drive, operate the buttons on the steering wheel. Besides, we are not talking about a pianist, so he does not need to perform accurate and precise movements as a musician."

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