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Friday, September 9, 2011

Morelli gives new information on the health of Robert Kubica

Finally, we got concrete information concerning the physical and mental state of Robert Kubica. Information was submitted during the ongoing Grand Prix of Italy by Daniele Morelli, manager of the Pole. According to him, Robert will be able to get into a race car or F1 simulator in October. Robert practices 5-6 hours a day, doing a systematic progress.He can actively use the right hand, and his mental condition is good, though sometimes he is angryg, but as assures the Italian, it is a positive anger. Manager also said aboutthe situation in Lotus Renault GP team. 
For detailed information on the health of Robert Kubica we have been waiting for a long time. Now Daniele Morelli gave us a precise picture of  the health of Polish driver seriously injured in an accident in Rally Ronde di Andora on February 6.

At the beginning Morelli greeted everyone on behalf of Kubica and thanked for the support the Pole receives from all sides.

According to the Italian Robert Kubica will again enter the road car or Formula 1 simulator in October. Morelli says that it does not matter what exactly it will  be ... It is import_ant that the Pole will be able to perform the last step of his rehabilitation.

Very important seems to be information about the specific movements that Robert can perform. Morelli reported that the day after the last operation the Pole could move his elbow Pole almost fully, what is a very positive signal. Kubica can also actively use the right hand. Although he is not "doing the movements of a pianist", he is moving his fingers better. This means that the muscles and nerves are working properly. However, he has still not enough strength and on that will focus the further rehabilitation of Lotus Renault driver now.

An interesting statement of Morelli is that Kubica does not need to regain full fitness to return to driving in October. "So the import_ant thing is that he can hold the steering wheel and turn left and right." - said the Italian.

Recently we have rarely spoken about the issue of Robert's state of mind, who may has already be upset with the long rehabilitation. Morelli answered that Robert actually is sometimes annoyed, but it is a positive anger. Pole, however, does not feel depressed, and his momentary frustrations are normal for a person who is not fully functional. Italian added that Robert trains 5-6 hours a day, he plays video games (in which he takes all possible records), and watches Formula 1 races on TV. Doctors sometimes need to stop the Pole so he would not overtrain himself. Contrary to earlier suggestions Morelli said that Kubica hasn't driven a road car yet, because it would be too risky, and Robert avoids any danger.

Daniele Morelli also said that there are no doubts and fears regarding Robert Kubica's comeback to Formula 1. According to doctors Pole will recover 100% efficiency, as it was before the accident. He confirmed that there were concerns about the unions of nerves and potential obstacles associated with their passage through the scars, but they were allayed.

Italian, also referred to the decision of Lotus Renault Grand Prix team, who decided to employ Bruno Senna till the end of the season. "It certainly was not a decision related to the fact that Robert cannot regain fitness before the race in Brazil. There were other factors here. Robert will need some preparations before the start, so personally I am glad that he will not start in the last race. It is import_ant that we have assurance from them, that there is a place for Robert in season 2012. There wasn't set any deadline for us, but I think that in 2-3 months we will have a definitive answer on the return of Kubica to racing next year" - said Morelli.

The contract for 2012 has not been signed yet, of course, but the manager believes it is not the most import_ant thing now. Morelli also said that for Kubica it does not matter who sits in his car - whether it is Heidfeld or Senna, and the Pole is not worried with the employment of Brazilian as a racing driver. Italian revealed that he has not contacted with other teams regarding the job for Kubica for next year, because Robert is still a member of the Lotus Renault GP.


  1. i am saddened to hear that robert will not be back for the 2011 season, as promised.
    best wishes.
    get well soon.

  2. Bit i have read that Boullier gave a Deadline till end of October?

  3. Correction: "But" i have read....

  4. I wouldn`t name it a "deadline" is only instruction term, Boullier said that he will be flexible.

  5. Go Robert! Asia and Michael