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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ceccarelli: Kubica will return to F1 in 2012, between November and January he will drive F1 car

In recent days we could read statements about Robert Kubica from various sources - Daniele Morelli, Gerard Lopez and Eric Boullier. Now Pole's personal physician, who oversees the entire process of rehabilitation, Riccardo Ceccarelli said some good news about Kubica. According to the Italian Robert will surely come back to racing next year, and his debut in F1 car will take place between November and January. Kubica doesn`t drive a car yet, because its broken in two places right leg has external stabilizer. It will be soon removed, but there is no hurry to make this surgery. Ceccarelli also revealed more details about injuries of Polish driver.

Ceccarelli from the beginning is taking care about Kubica`s rehabiltation. Italian said that the right arm was nearly cut-off in accident in the Ronde di Andora. Broken were two of the three major nerves in the forearm and Kubica initially had no feeling from the wrist to the end of the fingers. Now, according to Ceccarelli, feeling was restored, and Robert makes gradual progress, much ahead of rehabilitation plan.
On the Lotus Renault GP driver's right leg is still an external stabilizer, which strengthens the broken bone. Importantly, these bones rebuild quickly. But there is no hurry in removing the stabilizer. It is known that after its removal Kubica will be possibleto have first ride in the road car.
Ceccarelli, however, is not able to predict accurately the date of Robert`s return on the track. Asked whether it can be done during the winter tests in Abu Dhabi, he said: "It would be great, but there is no certainty. But I can say that Robert in 2012 will be a Formula 1 driver. I think that his F1 debut in the car will take place between November and January"


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  1. Hope Robert will be given a car as soon as he'll be ready.
    However that is great news, thank you