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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Robert Kubica after last surgery

Robert Kubica passed today in one of Italy's clinics his last surgery during rehabilitation. Surgeons removed adhesions in his elbow they restored possibility full elbow`s mobility. According to Kubica`s manager, Daniele Morelli, surgery ended successfully and within a month and a half should be known date of his return one the racing tracks.
It was probably the last operation of Robert.
"The surgery ended with full success. Mobility of the elbow was restored, and its functionality should be excellent. In Monday will begin the last stage of Robert`s rehabilitation,which will lead to regain full fitness of his right hand" - said today after the Belgium Grand Prix Daniele Morelii.
So far it is not possible to say the exact date Robert Kubica`s return on track, but according to Italian this term should be known within a month and a half.

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