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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Morelli and Sokół told news about Robert Kubica

In recent days we have received many information about Robert Kubica. Most of them  were contradictory and derived from unverified sources. Yesterday and today, however, we got information which can be taken for granted,  because it was given by the Pole's manager, Daniele Morelli, and a friend of Kubica - journalist Mikołaj Sokół. News is very positive.

The most important information comes from Mikolaj Sokół who mentioned Kubica while summing up the last Grand Prix of Hungary. Pole waiting for another surgery, during which doctors will remove the tissue adhesions in the elbow. Previously, such operation covered  the wrist, which motility has already been restored and that part of Kubica's hand is no longer a problem. It is very important news, which means that rehabilitation of Kubica is already in the final stage.

The journalist also said that after this last surgery, Robert will only have to do "sharp fitness training" designed to restore strength and endurance in the injured hand.

Mikołaj Sokół also referred to the first interview of Robert Kubica, which was announced by the BBC ( what has already been a subjects on the blog). According to him, "there are no such plans for now".

Morelli did not give us anything new about the health of Robert Kubica, but he commented on what will be after Robert's return to F1. Manager announced that Lotus Renault GP driver will not expect any "bonus" or "lower requires" and that he wants to join the competition on equal basis.

We could have expected such an approach of the Pole, but I think that these words of manager were not necessary, because looking at the past performances of Kubica in F1, we cannot expect that anyone after the accident would want to give him "bonus" or treat differently. Other situation would be with the rest of players, but Robert has never been a favourite of the authorities and judges of Formula 1.

We are pleased with these positive information about the Pole and we are waiting for official messages hopefully from himself.


  1. Panie Mateuszu, jak pan się odniesie do rewelacji De Telegraaf jakoby Robert im powiedział osobiście, że nie wróci w tym roku?

  2. Zapraszam na polską wersję bloga: tam trwa gorąca dyskusja.