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Friday, August 19, 2011

Lopez: Kubica won`t be able to return this season

The last days are full of information about Robert Kubica. All of them are positive, but they don`t allow to have great hopes that Pole will return this season to Formula 1. Yesterday the Lotus Renault GP team co-owner Gerard said that Kubica's rehabilitation is progressing well, but the return in 2011 seems to be impossible.

Yesterday Autosport magazine quoted the words of Ricciardo Ceccarelli, personal Robert`s doctor. He said that the rehabilitation is going well, and a month after the last elbow operation of the elbow, which is planned at the end of August, Kubica may be able to first drives in F1 simulator.

Similar conclusions can be drawn from the statements of Gerard Lopez, co-owner of Genii Capital Group, shareholder of Lotus Renault GP team. He said: "I think it's going well. Obviously it's a tough battle for him but if anybody can come back it's him. Unfortunately it's not Robert's first big accident. We know about his mental strength but we'll have to see how long the physical side will recover. I think he's going to be okay and hopefully we'll see him in a Formula One car again although I don't think that will happen this season. I'm sure he has regrets at Rallying but that doesn't do anything for you, it's all about focusing on coming back."

Lopez from the beginning claimed that Robert may not be able to return this season Formula 1. Now, his words seems to check moreover that none from Kubica`s related peoples does not mention about return for Brazil Grand Prix.

But as long as we will not know official statement, all solutions are still possible.

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