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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Calm before the storm?

August - according to the announcement of Robert Kubica's manager, in this month, we should know the approximate date of Robert Kubica`s return to Formula 1. Pole`s fans are waiting for the any news about his health. According to the latest information he is going to have another elbow surgery. Its exact date is unknown, but probably it will be held at the end of this month.
Still, we don`t have, even unofficial, information about the health of Robert Kubica. Quite rarely, persons who have contact with Kubica give us some fresh news. In August, according to Morelli words, he should be albe to complete a rehabilitation programme, but we know that this is not possible, because Robert is still waiting for a last elbow surgery.
But you can be sure that Robert Kubica and his surrounding are doing everything to make Pole return real and fast. Cracovian certainly is training very hard. I think that very soon we will receive an official anouncements about Lotus Renault GP driver. We, fans, have to stay patient, keep our fingers crossed and wish Robert very best in his most difficult "race" in life.

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