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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Autosport: Kubica closer to simulator tests

Autosport Magazine wrote today a lot about current Robert Kubica`s situation. According to Pole`s personal doctor, Riccardo Ceccarelli at the end of next month, he can be able to have first tests in F1 simulator. Italian told that Robert has made great progress, but for any statements concerning about his return to the sport we will have to wait. Robert Kubica will speak to his fans only when he will know more details about his future.

Autosport wrote that, planned for the end of August, surgery to remove adhesions from elbow is to be the "last serious Pole`s surgery." Similar words were spoken yesterday for the Polish Radio by Cezary Gutowski - journalist and Kubica`s friend. They mean that Kubica can still have other very small surgeries, such as correcting a scars on his right hand. August`s elbow surgery should restore a full functionality to Lotus Renault driver`s elbow.

Newspaper quotes Riccardo Ceccarelli, Kubica`s personal doctor, who held the an entire rehabilitation proccess: "When I look at the progress that Kubica did during those 6 months, I am optimistic about the rapid tests in the simulator. Perhaps the elbow will still remain in some part immobilized, but this should not affect for the possibility of testing."

Doctors are cautious in their assessments and they are waiting for heal of all damaged bones, muscles, and nerves. Previous operations have been carried out earlier than they were planned, but for final werdicts we still have to wait. The process of rehabilitation was a bit slow in June but in July it was faster than everyone expected.

"Robert's muscle mass is greatly improved, he positively responded to electrostimulation. With his elbow blocked, we haven't had the chance to work on a full recovery programme as we would do normally. However, we have kept the other joints moving as much as possible, with the goal of having as much flexibility as we can and the greatest possible muscular mass available once the elbow is unblocked" - ​​says Ceccarelli.

According AUTOSPORT Kubica is now able to bend his fingers and catch larger objects. The efficiency of hand improves with every day, and the nerves recover as it was planned.

"His nerves grew back faster than we expected, he has very reactive mentality" - said Ceccarelli.

We can also read that Kubica will speak to his fans only when he will know the details about his return to racing.

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