Robert Kubica - the best Polish driver

Friday, July 15, 2011

Today will appear second part of Robert Kubica`s answers for fan questions

Today Robert Kubica will answer his fan`s another questions via Lotus Renault GP website. Last Tuesday Pole answered on 12 questions and we`ve learned a lot about his condition and return`s plans. Today maybe we will know more details. As soon as answers will appear I will quote them here, so keep waiting.


  1. Dear Mateusz,

    I was thinking about copying and paste the CURRENT KUBICA'S CONDITIONS upadated 07.07.2011 of your blog directly in the LRGP site as a question for Kubica, asking him whethter he would confirm or add some comment.
    However, I thought that it could be more appropriate if you were the one who will ask this question. Do you feel like asking that for us in the LRGP site?

    Paolo (Italy)

  2. Hi!

    It`s a good idea, but it`s too late for it unfortunately. I`ve asked Robert a few questions, here they are:

    What is the state of your health now? What is the biggest obstacle to regain full efficiency?

    At what percentage would you rate the chances of your return to racing?
    Which part of rehabilitation was the hardest for you? (waking up in the hospital, first
    medical forecast, first race watched from a hospital bed or any other? ) What helped you survive these
    difficult moments?

    Are you satisfied with the care of medical personnel (rescuers, doctors, nurses) after

    How do you assess the support for you from the Lotus team Renault GP and F1 world after the accident?

    How does your cooperation with team look like now?

    Have you heard some news, reports, etc. related to you after leaving the hospital?

    At which moment of rehabilitation, you felt that you can manage with the situation?

    What do you miss the most now?

    Is the time spent on the rehabilitation a kind of renewal, rest from F1or do you continue living in F1 world?

    Who do you especially want to thank?
    Did you feel the support from your fans during this difficult period?

    Did such serious accident change the priorities in your life? Are you a new man now?

    When the fans will be able to see you live?

    Do you think that the changes made in Formula 1 this season made it more attractive, better?

    unfortunetely, Robert didn`t choose it.

    Thank for your idea!

  3. All of your questions were very interesting! Let's hope Kubica will answer them, soon or later.
    By the way: what do you think about Kubica's feelings in realizing he was (covertly ?)taken pictures during his rehab.?

    Paolo (Italy)

  4. I don`t know what are his feelings about it, but I think that first pictures were good for him - people could see that he is recovering.