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Monday, July 25, 2011

Fans remeber about Kubica, interview with Pole in next month

During the German Grand Prix at the Nurburgring, we could see a lot of banners expressing a longing for Robert Kubica and words of encouragement for Pole. There was, among others sentences: "Robert Kubica - we will wait for you". Patience of fans may soon be rewarded, because the BBC has announced that next month will be able publish interview with Pole.

Fans showed that they still remember about Robert Kubica and that they are waiting forhim. At Nurburgring there was a lot of banners and flags, on which there were wishes for a speedy recovery for Kubica. In TV they were showed after pictures of Nick Heidfeld who was in paddock after Q2 fail.
After the race in BBC studio, Jake Humphrey, said that within the next month it should be possible to show an video interview with Robert Kubica. It's very good news, I hope we will be able to see the Pole as soon as possible.

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